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A Limitless Video Game World

I had the pleasure of spending time being introduced to a multi-player video game called Roblox. This is a collection of video game "worlds" that one can enter and play at will, jumping from one world to the next. Each one is different than the last, and each provide such entertainment as surviving natural disasters, breaking out of prison (or being the police going after those breaking out), delivering pizzas, and even just spending time in a town living life with a career, house, and job. Players can enter and leave whenever they want, they can chat with anyone they want, they can look any way they want, and they can have anything they want. In other words, it's like being in another life.

Only, this life comes with far fewer limitations than real life. In one game, you can instantly choose to be a medical professional, instantly have a house, and instantly own a Jeep, all of which I witnessed some players doing. No school, no cost, no saving, no working for it. No limitation. I also witnessed something else that taught me a lesson. While several kids were trying to help wounded people at the hospital, being doctors and nurses, the place was attacked by others with automatic weapons. Constant explosions rocked the town at all times.

Why? Well, when you can do anything you want, shooting and blowing a place up is something that some people want to do, while others want to be doctors. It was a valuable lesson in how a place with no limitations, seemingly ending the problems of the real world, comes with problems of its own. In other words, perhaps having limitations is not necessary a bad thing. Sure, people shoot real life up too, but not like they do in Roblox. There, you come back to life if someone kills you...yet another example of no limitation.

What does any of this have to do with non-tax revenue? Everything.

In recent days, France has imposed taxes in the digital realm, thus taxing tech companies, many of which are U.S. companies. What's the response? The U.S. will impose tariffs on France.

So, in a world where dreaming up and implementing new taxes is limitless, we see yet another tax created, and then another one created as a response to the first tax created! The final result? More and more taxes. Governments around the world are all too keen to throw out another tax, with no limits in doing so. All this does is create more and more animosity, more theft, and more ways people will end up scamming their way around it and costing everyone more money.

Instead, why not create more non-tax revenue? With the voluntary methodology of non-tax sources of government revenue, there is less complication, less division, less expense, and less immorality that all stem from yet another tax created. Non-tax alternatives come without those things. Does France think the tech companies are benefiting without the government's due? How about the fact they create economic spending and jobs? Isn't that something that takes care of people? Isn't that what governments are supposed to care about? Doesn't non-tax revenue still create revenue?

Non-tax revenue is a better choice because not only does it create revenue, but each one comes with the built-in limitation of being voluntarily paid for. Taxes do not have that limitation, and there is also no limitation on their creation. In this manner, governments treat the people of the world as if we all live in a limitless video game.



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